Walking - How our tours work

View Map

  • The map zooms into the first stop by default - sadly it's all about the stops and not where you are!
  • The little blue dot shows where you are
  • The numbers are only a suggestion - you can be a rebel and walk in any order that serves you

View Individual Stops

Choose between:

  • Auto Play: the majority of our stops are set so that the content will automatically play when you are within 50 metres
  • Manual Play: click on the relevant Point of Interest when in Map View and then click on the stop title shown on the bottom of the screen. You can do this without ever having to step foot there (but we'd really like you to explore!)

Download Route

To download a route to your device:

  1. Click on 'Explore' icon located on the bottom menu
  2. Click on Start Tour

Navigate audio-visual content

Each Stop shows different buttons depending on the types of content available:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Then / Now sliders
  • Slideshow with commentary
  • Transcripts