How It Works

As you get close to points of interest, your smartphone provides historical information, blending the past, present and future.

You can choose to see all points of interest, change the order, or complete our tours over multiple times. Unlike a traditional tour, you decide when and how long to stay at each stop.

Hungry?Try our recommended restaurants and cafes

Thirsty? Try our recommended bars and cafes

Got historical overload? We hold space for you to listen to your own music and connect with your crew.

1) Choose Your Adventure

Tours can be purchased from the Dark Stry Store - or your device's App Store, via the 'Tour' tab in this app after selecting your preferred tour

2) Choose Your Crew

Each tour download can be shared with up to five people.

Larger groups? Ask us about group discounts and tips.

Want to celebrate differently? Dark Stry is a unique way to celebrate birthdays, Christmas and other special events. It’s been used as an icebreaker for corporate networking, and we’ve even got a spin-off for the education sector. We make bars interesting, even without the alcohol!

3) Get Started

You choose the day and time of your tour. Your tour commentary will start automatically when you get close to the first stop.

4) Make moments

Tune in to your surrounds and see more.

Stop. Take a breath, and soak up every little moment.

And, our immersive features help you capture your best memories.