Our Stry

Dark Stry - or Dark Story?

Pronounced "Dark Story", the team behind Dark Stry settled on the name Dark Stry to explain how we blend history and story telling.

Dark - because we love shining a light on the stories that aren't always told. Stry - we use "stry" rather than story because we're unique, using immersive technologies to tell stories a bit different than the history books

We are told that it still reads as "Dark Story" if you are dyslexic!

How Dark Stry started

Dark Stry started as a response to how empty Perth's CBD felt post pandemic in February 2022 by co-founders Damien Fitzpatrick and Erin Clark. At the time they lived fulltime in Perth's CBD, spending their free time exploring the City's vibrant hospitality and arts scene, and were frustrated at the demise of many of their favourite restaurants and cafes. Having travelled extensively, Damien and Erin's favourite thing to do when they are travelling is to do walking tours. They wanted to get people back out and exploring but couldn't find a good alternative.

So, they created one.

Today's focus

The tourism and hospitality sector today faces a different challenge – how to delight tourists amid rising costs and worker shortages. Popular tourism destinations are increasingly crowded, while lesser-known destinations struggling to attract high yield travellers. These independent travellers want to become more knowledgeable, seeking destinations are that considered 'cool' with authentic local cultural experiences.

Dark Stry's reason for being remains the same – creating connections that activate forgotten places and experiences.

Our team

Dark Stry is led by Erin Clark, CEO, and Damien Fitzpatrick, CXO, collaborating with an ever-growing team of visionary minds.

With a fusion of expertise, creativity, and wanderlust, our creative team crafts immersive journeys. From historical aficionados to tech trailblazers, our team makes sure that each route is a captivating adventure, inviting you to explore with newfound insight and freedom.

Want to hear more?

Dark Stry co-founder, Erin Clark is active in the Australian technology and tourism sector. Erin regularly speaks at events and on panels regarding all things start-up, emerging technologies, commercialisation and diversity. Contact us if you'd like her to speak at your next event.